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spent a few hours writing code to rewrite the xml tree spit out by graphviz's svg renderer to add hovertext labels only to find out it already had that functionality :(

Anyway, hopefully those beats will carry me through the next hour of work or so.

Watched a bit of gameplay as well. I remembered it being a surprisingly good translation to 3d with mechanics that actually fit nicely. Memory seems to hold up.

I was suddenly remembering that maybe the 1997, 3d version of Frogger had a great OST. Turns out to be true. Nice to work to.

torn between wanting to build small things, because feedback and validation and Getting Things Done, and wanting to work endlessly on large things because i'm a fucking sisyphean mess

Moving achievement unlocked: Sitting at our kitchen table, eating coffee cake off of real plates, with real silverware & tea that's not from a travel mug! With @cwebber

Why don't they sell one piece swimsuits for male-esque bodies anymore? If you look at old photographs, they used to. I'm not comfortable without a top with my body type, but t-shirts look ridiculous in the water. What a bullshit cultural assumption.

finally at the stage of unpacking boxes in this move

the comfort of familiarity is returning and it's starting to feel like our home again


You a US citizen? Don't feel like the state of your country is something to celebrate today? If you can, donate to causes that can make it better. (@mlemweb and I donated to Tammy Baldwin's campaign and the ACLU.)

"abolish ice" is great but I'm not sure why not also "abolish the border patrol"

(iirc the border patrol is the one running the concentration camps?)

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