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On June 20, an EU committee will vote on an internet-destroying copyright proposal that'll censor everything from Tinder profiles to Wikipedia:

Folks in the EU: European Parliament Members need to hear from you!

*looks at issues on issue tracker*

I do not remember filing these at all but there I am

cwebber@jasmine:~/devel/racket-linkeddata/linkeddata$ find -name "*.rkt" | xargs wc -l
606 ./n-quads.rkt
332 ./urdna2015.rkt
60 ./pem.rkt
98 ./rdf.rkt
8 ./info.rkt
171 ./jsonld-tests.rkt
2734 ./json-ld.rkt
167 ./ld-sigs.rkt
20 ./date-utils.rkt
4196 total

I want a series of Fred Rogers for President campaign ads. The Cabinet is sitting in the President's briefing room, outlining today's crises and concluding with a plea: "Mr. President, what do we do?" Everyone turns to the head of the table where an old TV and VCR turn on, and as the CRT warms up the VCR fast-forwards to a clip from "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" that covers exactly this situation. In one corner a general starts quietly weeping tears of joy, realizing that sharing is an option…

Holy shit! Mes now compiles tinycc which compiles gcc!

The fully reproducible system is nearly upon us! HAHA AWESOME

if I'm reading this write it loads it all into racket hashtables and then serializes them as racket files maybe the ai winter was really just an ai cryogenic freeze

Hey folks, Todd Weaver, who leads @Purism (they make the privacy-respecting Librem laptops and are now working on a phone) is on the fediverse… show him some love, won’t ’cha?



hey all. With how often scams happen, especially to the older population, please be aware of the signs and learn how to protect yourself.

This is one example.

The other is when people call about taxes you owe, when you DON'T owe them. Or trying to call your about student loans from the government department. NEVER believe this. ALWAYS call the main entity. DON'T use the phone # THEY give you, find it online or in the phone book.

I tried getting a second external monitor working via a usb-c dock and then just a usb-c to vga adaptor. Neither worked, and it looks like others haven't had success with that either.

About 1.5 months into the LibreM laptop and I still like it a lot.

The main downside is that I haven't figured out a way to do 2 external monitors. I'm making do with one external monitor and the laptop screen. Otherwise it's been a really good experience for me and I would recommend it if you can afford it.


. o n i o n

I know you do like .onions already :p

the room may be on fire, but at least we know that this is quine

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