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Ah, here's the original paper for the Petname Tool firefox extension (which is now defunct, but maybe should be resurrected):

@cskau What softtware is your instance running, out of curiosity?

Talk by @dckc about why object capabilities (ocaps) are needed to make the web safe

@dckc certainly has experience with thinking about the design of the web:

I've known them through the channel on freenode. Interesting to see their realization that ocaps are the only safe way forward started about 10y ago when evaluating web security requirements:

Just finished panel for #W3C Advisory Committee (about 90 tech leaders in room) about Misinfo/Disinfo/"Fake News". I think it went great. My slides:

Fellow panelists here in Berlin: Konrad Lischka, Jochen Spangenberg, Falk Steiner

Konrad opened with pitching algorithmic diversity via ActivityPub, but no one directly suggested #Mastodon

The #plume project has a demo instance at

The design could use some polish, but it's a great start. The articles federate and comments are working with external software. And it doesn't have any javascript!

Some ActivityPub implementations I know of not yet listed on

Aardwolf, Bridgy Fed,, dokieli, Kroeg, Nextcloud,, Pubstrate, Smilodon,, Pleroma, Rustodon,

I probably shouldn't edit it because of Wikipedia's policy, but maybe we should get updated with all known implementations

RT @bnjbvr: Exciting project! Plume is a FLOSS social blogging engine that uses ActivityPub to federate with other instances, written in @r… source:

#GnuPG discussion on #Efail and disclosure.

Summary seems to be:

1. Using text mail rather than html mail mitigates one of the disclosed issues.

2. Disabling old ciphers or having a mail client that properly handles decryption warnings and/or sanitizes messages will work for the latter.

See mailpile's response for the latter.

Earlier today in response to Efail I made a post saying "plaintext email is the most secure" where by plaintext I meant "not HTML" but it probably sounded like "not encrypted". I'm fairly embarrassed about the misreading caused by this naming collision. Go go encrypted email!

Sorry, I should clarify: by plaintext email I mean non-html email, not non-encrypted email:

Obviously, encrypt your email when you can.

Sorry, I should clarify: by plaintext email I mean non-html email, not non-encrypted email:

Obviously, encrypt your email when you can.

@catonano There's also a really good preface in SICM (Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics) where they tear apart how bad much of mathematical notation is. I also had a conversation with Sussman in person where I admitted how bad I am at reading math notation and he said "everyone has a hard time, because mathematical notation is a natural language"

A natural language! I never thought of it that way.

I'm still heavily hampered and embarassed by my inability to process much mathematical notation easily in compsci papers :\

@ajeremias @Jelv @cwebber I'm not a user of but Funkwhale aims to be a decentralized, federated music streaming server/application.

Federation of music content is already implemented (with room for improvement), federation of user activity (playlists, recommendations, shares...) will come later this year ;)

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