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@ebeth the gamers went in there and they never came back out

why do you all like this, it is bad content. i don't understand


(Opposable thumbs are all that stands between Missy and her ability to open the food container ... they are also helpful for typing the dissertation)

We'll all have to wait until I make more progress to see the next one ;)

Image Description: Photo of the above comic next to the cat depicted in the comic

I've been struggling with motivation to write my dissertation. @cwebber & Missy collaborated on some incentives.

Image Description: comic format
-Panel 1: a cat running behind a wall with text "AAh! A Deadline!"
-Panel 2: a cat head peaking out from behind a wall with text "Deadlines are SCARY"
-Panel 3: a hopeful cat head with text "But Morgan can do it!"
-Panel 4: a contented cat head with text "Morgan has the thumbs!!"

just watched a man refuse to let his girlfriend hold the door open for him. she should just close the door and lock it honestly.

Today's exercising game is Axelay (who is surprised)

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