I finished adding the "Understanding Ocaps" section to OcapPub, now linking them to normal developer code flow and ordinary human social relationships. gitlab.com/spritely/ocappub/bl

I know, this document is already long enough! The next part is How to Build It, I promise. But you should be well prepared in your mind to think like an ocap person for when I add the how-to-build-it section now.

this character is awesome

oh wait I'm dead

back to writing

@rick_777 It's a roguelike that I find very addictive, so I've tried to do various things to prevent myself from playing it, but I always just work around them and end up playing it

To "protect" myself from dungeon crawl stone soup, I:
- don't have it installed in my default profile (but I can just run `guix environment --ad-hoc crawl` to make one)
- Have a bash alias which admonishes me for trying to run crawl (so I just type `which crawl` instead)

It's not very effective...

@ehashman yeah I really like making Dals, maybe I should get back into that again

easy to make in batch using the pressure cooker too, freezes well

@emacsen When I weaned myself off of coffee a few years ago I ended up drinking a lot of Pero

probably need to do that again

@emacsen yeah it's good

part of the thing is when I get in the Coffee Craving Mood I also crave the roast'edness of coffee though

star trek picard trailer 

@emsenn hm I don't know what folk dishes are from this part of the US

I am in a cooking rut. Nothing sounds exciting right now.

well for better or mostly worse, I'm back with coffee

@astraluma Yeah that was the one I paused on and was like "well I admit it's unnecessary but I do like the aesthetic"

RacketCon didn't have tea on hand and I started drinking coffee again

I'm craving coffee :X

My brain isn't in writing-words state today. Switching to writing-code.

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