@juliana Oh maybe I could, it's at Brown, which isn't too far away...

Happy October everyone! @mlemweb and @cwebber are back from their travels so we're set to resume our regularly scheduled Hack & Craft events this month!

Please join us tonight at 20:00-22:00 ET (or technically tomorrow 0:00-2:00 UTC) to chat about FOSS and work on projects!


Starting to get into org-roam, getting the hang of it, I like it.

"Share your research/thinking/etc!" is a request I get a lot and actually this might be the right way for me to do it. But... right now I'm using it privately and I have a feeling that using such a tool publicly vs privately are two very different things

@leadore I just said that both of them were creationism, christians don't own creationism (as if this were a thing worth defending), and then there was some second vague joke in there

@leadore @somegirlprivacy oh I thought I was being obviously humorous but uhoh apparently not

Oh no I'm undeniably in my late 30s now! 🔥🎂🔥

A lovely article about using Guix for development from the eternally wonderful David Thompson dthompson.us/guix-for-developm

@bsmall2 @Cyborgneticz lisp structured code in general! only programming language I dream in, and it's visual

Driving down Winkelmann Rd. and talking shit, @cwebber
asks me: "Wait a minute, was Winkelmann the PatriArchaeologist?"

I cackled, friends.

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