Most flavored condoms use glycerin for the flavoring or taste. Sugar/glycerin can throw off the PH balance of a woman's vagina which drastically increases the chance for developing a yeast infection so flavored condoms are only for oral sex

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@mlemweb @iron_bug I'm assuming here that you're *putting on a creepy costume* as a personal reward/motivator

@iron_bug @mlemweb basically dressing up as Wednesday Addams dressing up as a clown

@iron_bug @mlemweb Morgan would make a good creepy clown but only if also combined with a creepy porcelain-doll-child look

@cwebber @mlemweb just paint a smile on your face. like that evil clowns in modern movies for kids. on deadline it will look just gorgeous.

⬡ Running a FOSS virtual conference
Morgan Lemmer Webber, Thomas Markey for, /me

Live Q&A Recording
Debate in the Forum
Watch the Talk

Online conferences and live-streamed conferences have been increasingly popular in the face of political and social changes over the past decade…

#activitypub #fediverse #foss #federation #conference #online #virtual #remote #conf #apconf2020 #BBB

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co-organizer @sl007 has been doing the lord's work and getting all the Q&A sessions and lightning talks into watchable form from the Big Blue Button instance recording (which require some extra work to make usable/viewable... THANK YOU Sebastian for doing all this!)

At APConf this year the Q&A sessions were entire conference sessions in their own right, with *very* interesting conversations. I'm glad we got these archived!

⬡ Using federated instances as discussion communities
Prof. Dr. José Manuel Meza Cano

Live Q&A Recording
Debate in Forum
Watch the English Talk

From the field of #psychology, specifically cultural psychology, emphasis is placed on the construction of #discussion spaces that have traditionally been seen as the physical #classroom, …

#fediverse #mastodon #federation #activitypub #apconf2020

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@mlemweb Yeah I didn't think what you needed in the middle of dissertation crunch was your fortune cookie to say "Hey girl, where's that smile?"

Two days later and I'm still annoyed at the fortune cookie that told me: "A smile makes your face more beautiful"

I was stressed and trying to hit a deadline and was not in the mood to be catcalled by a fortune cookie ...

@cwebber cringed, took the offensive fortune and swapped me for theirs: "Do what you wish, as long as it does not harm anyone"

ate a food
in front of computer
a good music
time to unlock the secrets of the universe

The #Guix hackers are very happy to announce the first online Guix Day Conference on Sunday November, 22nd. This #conference is open to everyone and will be held entirely online. Want to speak? Submit your proposal!

Talks will be released from the 14 to give everyone a chance to watch them, whatever their timezone.

@brion However, only partially. We can improve object permanence potential while still allowing garbage collection. A nice example is content-addressed storage, where multiple participants can keep alive what they care about (as opposed to "I sure hope Geocities stays up") but it's possible for all parties to stop bothering to keep something alive.

When you send an email in response to a problem that's been bugging you and in typing up the email you realize the answer and excitedly braindump it right into the email!

I *LOVE* that feeling.

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