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Christopher Lemmer Webber

@cwebber @deadsuperhero @kibi Ahah good question ^^ I don't think we'll support other media types like music for example, because it adds a lot of extra work whereas other software do the job very well with with an interface adapted to the media (like Funkwhale for example). But since youtube launched youtube music, maybe we should develop peertube music too? :p

@notclacke @deadsuperhero ha... I wasn't anticipating anyone would take me seriously either. What a journey it's been!

@deadsuperhero @cwebber

Point of order: MediaGoblin is older than ActivityPub, older than even.

I still remember when the guy on with the weird cute alien monster avatar said he was planning to write a better gallery application and I was thinking "yeah right, aren't we all".

Well, he sure showed me. <3

Sorry everyone. If you have ActivityPub questions or would like my input, again, I'm midway through the process of moving from the US midwest to US east coast... not a small process. Ping me next week, when I'll be responsive again.

@jamey @deadsuperhero I have opinions but being mid-moving doesnt put me in the right state to comment on this....

I think probably other implementors weighing in will help in the meanwhile


we've reached that stage of packing

time to pack up my desk. going offline for a while, internet friendos

"That's enough fediverse for now, I should get some real work done."

> Closes tab on browser
> Opens Tusky on phone

@jordyd @pea @kaniini @phoe Yeah I'm not saying @lain is bad and I agree that I've seen a lot of good things from them

what I'm saying is why a lot of people are getting that *impression*, and why I totally understand that

Notably, this is why I called Lain the fediverse's class clown :P

@deadsuperhero I agree it would be nice. I just don't think that given my limited cycles it's the right thing for me to focus my energy on to help the fediverse right now. Maybe that sounds shitty, but I'm unfortunately a finite resource. ;P I'm happy to help others get GMG go support AP btw!

But I'd like to come back to it and make it happen in MediaGoblin's existing codebase, or if Spritely is MediaGoblin 2.0, move existing instances over to Spritely. But we'll see.

@mangeurdenuage I'll elaborate, but only because you said "please".

> Yes and ?
> It's a mistake people making mistake can be fun.
You said "yes, and?" to making fun of women organizing. It looks like categorically like misogynistic skepticism that women can successfully organize.

>> and the second looks like it's making fun of jewish noses.
> And ?
Does it need elaboration? Right now when literal nazis are being normalized again?

That's as much elaboration as I'm giving.

@deadsuperhero @kibi Also, *is* it desperately needed? One of the reasons I shifted to Spritely is because other folks (Funkwhale, PixelFed, PeerTube) were covering MediaGoblin's domain... and well too! (Though none of them are doing "all the media types" like MediaGoblin was, but I can't for the life of me figure out why they wouldn't... @Chocobozzz, when are you gonna wise up and add multiple media types support to PeerTube? ;))

@deadsuperhero @kibi I know, I know. I've gone through plenty of mental anguish over how to spend the time I have for this, and it's easy for me to self-doubt that, and I don't blame anyone giving me shit for it

but I have my reasons

@deadsuperhero @kibi I'm not working on MediaGoblin's current-mediagoblin codebase right now so I can't say ;)

My whole spare time focus is spent on MediaGoblin TNG (aka Spritely)

@deadsuperhero @kibi just wait till Spritely becomes un-vaporware and I either do activitypub completely wrong in the greatest source of irony ever OR I do everything completely right but start doing things that other "real world" implementations don't support!

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@cwebber @aidalgol @kaniini trev's article provides some more context but yeah i agree with this account of things

with old mastos, i think probably 75% of the hate comes from negative associations from way back when pleroma was just a GS frontend and masto was limited to just m.s and our options were basically federate with people who hated us or don't federate at all. the fediverse has changed a lot since then…