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Christopher Lemmer Webber

@webinista @tante (Lots more examples than that of course, but since this is one playing out now, it's more on my mind)

@tante @webinista Which is to say it's a similar case in so far as treatment of white vs PoC subjects there constituted either sympathetic or fearful response... probably here too :\

@webinista @tante Sadly I think you're right... the portrayal of the opioid crisis as a sympathetic "health epidemic" is largely because of racism... turns out the reason white people are primarily the ones hooked on opioids is also racism (from the medical industry):

@tante A resurrected black (political) power movement. I say that half jokingly, but the sight of black people with guns is surprisingly effective at mobilizing white Americans' political power in favor of gun control.

Killing children didn't mobilize us. Attacks on congress members didn't mobilize Congress. The mass murder of white Americans by a white American man didn't do it.

Fear of black insurrection would.

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@nightpool @bea I was wondering how those block comments worked though and how it serialized them as plaintext... mystery solved, it doesn't

@bea @nightpool Like sure, drag and drop that picture of a cat from a browser into your editor and then use it as a sprite

this is a totally normal thing that editors do

@nightpool @bea The fact that you copy and paste images into DrRacket and then use them in a game though is pretty entertaining to me

@Elizafox it's easy to forget the universe is just a machine for running its own math rules really fast

@nightpool You could always use emacs with racket-mode (or geiser if you're just using racket's base scheme language)

@nightpool Could be added almost certainly tho... it seems fairly hackable

DrRacket is the only other editor than Emacs I've been able to stand.

But jeebus, it sure does use up a lot of resources.

Running NoScript is definitely worth the occasional pains these days.

@kibi they were never written, you are reading a hallucination

@reibeatall look buddy I don't got time to zones right now

I am too tired to make it any further in this tutorial

I guess it is 11:30 so this is fine