Revision 2 of the PinePhone keyboard, this one is actually nice to type on :D

@cwebber @amiloradovsky I didn't have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one instead. - Mark Twain.

@cwebber @mala @fossandcrafts

I'd actually argue that episode 3 does a deep dive into one of the primary problematic aspects (idealizing a nostalgic past)

@mlemweb @cwebber @fossandcrafts (I admit I do not entirely know what cottagecore is, I just needed to say something pithy at that point in the sentence I was already speaking)

also I hadn't actually heard the term cottagecore before last night (though @mlemweb had) so I looked it up:

pretty good description there, and also good criticisms!

also here's the vaporwave page from the same wiki:

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@cwebber @mala

I agree, most of the cottagecore elements of @fossandcrafts are related to the hand-made crafts aesthetic ;)

@mala @mlemweb I do think we try to acknowledge the parts that are problematic about "cottagecore" type things on @fossandcrafts also, heh

(though I don't think we've used that term before on the podcast)

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Last night @mala described my design style as "cottagecore" and I've been thinking about that ever since?! I've mostly thought of my style as being some weird kind of vaporwave-fantasy combo.

But @fossandcrafts is *very* cottagecore (though I think that's @mlemweb's influence)

@amiloradovsky if I try replying to this I'm afraid I'll just evoke the original post

someone: *sentence-long question*
me: *pages and pages of response*
me: *haha oops that's awkward*
me: *nervously inserting several more pages of response*
me: *thought of something else*
me: *haha apologizing again*
me: *haha one more apology*
me: *haha talk to you later bye*

what's the word, is it pronk?

was it pronk this entire time...?

@haskal basically it means a bouncy form of movement involving all four appendages from antelope-like creatures


but really I liked that the character Zell (my favorite character) in Animal Crossing would say "What's the word, is it pronk?"

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