I mean clearly it's a very bubbly "greater fool" game when people are betting on *Blockbuster*. But I think let people choose their risks and consequences.

But if prominent WSB folks start asking for a bailout once this bubble bursts I'm throwing in the irony-levels towel

Ok, whew. This is great. I got a late start on the day due to us doing the snow stuff and me having a call, I didn't expect anything to get done... but I hit a significant milestone and feel great about it.

Now to figure out what's going on with dinner and relax a little :)

More CapTP progress! "Shortening" / unwrapping / whatever now works upon objects "coming home" in a handoff.

This is demonstrated with a unit test where demonstrates that the prodigal child returns home and is eq? equivalent to itself! gitlab.com/spritely/goblins/-/

Look forward to working on an abstraction layer again where more than 10 people on my timeline can share in my excitement about the words I'm dumping into here I guess

Then again, maybe in the not so distant future, more than 10 people will be as excited as I am about CapTP.

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I thiiiiiink I might be really close to the "handoffs which come home shorten properly" feature in @spritelyproject's CapTP

should my brother and I make a podcast where he is just talking to me about video games and i'm talking back to him about web standards and there's not really any coherence between the two topics whatsoever?

(...this would just be recording our normal mealtime conversations, mosty)

Joke's on me I started working on CapTP again today anyway

@zatnosk Recursive (or more accurately, self-reflective) identity, but not recursive invocation.

Every time I see @selfsame on my timeline my brain be like

(define (selfsame? x)
(eq? x selfsame?))

@tychi an index fund strategy won't be affected by this much more than the stock market *in general* would I'd think in the long run

but hey maybe the memelords will manage to poke at enough of the inequities in the system that it collapses in which case you'd lose your retirement account but we'd gain, uh

well can't promise anything good for sure other than an epiphany about injustices in the system which will probably be filled by a quick re-capture

@tychi I don't think most index funds do shorting, at least not the ones that index S&P 500 and similar, but I'd be interested to hear to the contrary.

Other mutual funds might tho

How is being on the W3C TAG affecting my home life? (I hear nobody ask.)

Well, earlier my brother very thoughtfully paused a 10gb No Man's Sky update because I was in meetings and he didn't want to disrupt the network, and had to play a *different game* instead. Will we make it through these challenges? Time will tell.


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