hi all! just a reminder that the next Social CG meeting is tomorrow! Please take a look at the agenda here and let me know if you have anything to add!

Riverdale spoilers / gripes 

@dthompson do you get paid to be sent to AWS conferences to sit in the back and be the local snark machine

@MutoShack (map (lambda (c) (string->number (list->string (list c)))) (string->list "123"))

@cwebber yeah, this stresses me out a lot. It's not exactly a new phenomenon though, Friendica and Diaspora people took potshots at each other back in the day.

It just feels so discouraging and unproductive sometimes to yell about the supposed intentions of other projects, when there seems to be lots of evidence to the contrary of whatever the naysayer is putting out there.

I do not understand how it's Thursday evening. I swear a day disappeared this week. I'm legit confused.

Stepfamily is doing Elf on the Shelf this year. I fucking hate it. I think it's disgusting that we encourage this mass hoodwinking of children everywhere.

If you would like to learn more about this stuff yourself, I recommend reading erights.org/elib/distrib/captp ... further info in MarkM's dissertation erights.org/talks/thesis/

I think this is about twice as hard for me to learn and execute as mutable datashards was, and that was a challenge.

Similarly to that (for mutable datashards, I was studying Tahoe-LAFS; for spritely goblins' distributed code, I'm studying CapTP), I'm not really inventing much new, just tweaking existing documented ideas, but it's a lot for me to soak in.

And by thinking about I mean simultaneously executing, just very slowly.

I feel shitty about the slowness, but it's a lot to keep in my head at once.

The spritely goblins networked programming stuff is moving along. I'm out of research mode and into "thinking about the protocol mode".

It's still slow. But you can see the influence of CapTP here: gitlab.com/spritely/goblins/co

We're organizing a new #GodotCon around @fosdem
in Brussels, Belgium, on 3 & 4 February 2020!

We'll also have a booth at FOSDEM, and some of us co-host the #gamedev devroom on 1 Feb, which will have talks about all kinds of #FOSS projects and tools.


@carcinopithecus Hm, looks like you're right. But that's still a disturbing claim.

In general I think that neither state nor federal governments should be eligible for copyright anyway.

Apple's extension of "Activation Locks" to laptops will turn refurbishable electronics into e-waste

@sneak@tilde.zone @liaizon Not really the topic I'm talking about.

The Supreme Court in the US is overviewing a case of whether or not states can consider law copyrightable boingboing.net/2019/12/03/aint

Nothing good would come out of the ability to use copyright law to censor people trying to distribute legal text

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