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Christopher Lemmer Webber

@cwebber Things you know:
a. SSD is faster and more reliable but has less apparent randomness
b. you don't *need* to over-provision but it *can* speed up SSD work

Encrypted SSD is still very secure.
Encrypted SSD is still generally way faster than encrypted spinning media. Definitely more reliable.

I.e., the practical recommendation is "just do it." You're giving up a giant gain to worry about a small delta. You can always easily change your setup later if new data arises.

(You can do it!)

The truth is I haven't installed and started using the Purism LibreM yet because I've gotten caught in analysis paralysis about whether I want a spinning platter or an SSD. SSD has the advantage of being more fall-safe, but I'm still unsure when I try to read up on whether
a) an encrypted SSD is as secure (there isn't the ambiguity of surrounding random data necessarily, but maybe this barely matters)
b) do I need to overprovision?

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@lain @ckeen @clacke Yes. BTW, this was something we *couldn't* do officially as part of the spec (we weren't allowed to since (a) things were to much up in the air as to even options and (b) it was a politically fraught topic), so I think the linking off at community norms was the best option.

@clacke @ckeen @lain ActivityPub doesn't have it *officially*, but we linked off to a document maintained by the SocialCG with current best practices from the AP spec. So if you read the AP spec, you'll get to it.

@clacke "flow based programming" sounds an awful lot like ocap for people who don't know about ocap

@cwebber To expand on what I already said on The Other Network:

I'm coining "dystopia hipster" as the 21st century replacement for "Cassandra". Someone was into warning about things before they were horrible.

Going through a box of old electronics. Sadly my 17ish year old Palm Pilot does not boot. Lots of memories there.

Oh, and here's my Sharp Zaurus. Gosh I miss that form factor, the clicky little keyboard, and the thrill of first running GNU/Linux on a mobile device. (Terrible battery life though...)

@tealturtle no, more like a MUD you can spin up for you and your friends.

@olistik The game system will mostly be about friends setting up game worlds for friends/communities, rather than about trying to make money or sell attention.

Oh right I totally fucked something up when switching things to the thread queue model.

Argh. I need to rethink / remember how this should work.

@astraluma I'm working on an actor model (Goblins) and the first use is an AP server + game server (Spritely)

@astraluma Hopefully not. You can connect as long as your connection is up and going. Like minecraft servers where people shut things down for a while and then resume them, you can connect when both you and the server can. No big deal if either is down, hopefully. There will be other game servers to play on.

@kaniini Cool! I'm not planning on doing 3d games because I want the barrier to entry to build things to be as low as possible.

I will probably build MUDs or top-down 2d games using the Liberated Pixel Cup assets (which we designed the LPC style guide with this kind of project in mind)

If it doesn't pan out, the fediverse is doing pretty good right now. Maybe I can introduce some new and interesting things.