Aquatic Ambience in Milkytracker progress thread 

Timing feels off at the end but definitely an improvement...

now I need to focus on work work :P

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Aquatic Ambience in Milkytracker progress thread 

For you fellow David Wise fans out there...

Here's an Aquatic Ambience cover, WIP.

Definitely the best thing I've done so far (even though it's a cover of something nonfree)

spoopy chiptunes 

Meeting in a couple of minutes... so I ended up slacking some more...

The haunted house song is something that resembles a full song now.

spoopy chiptunes (WIP) 

Ecto House: WIP version 1

This is the first song I'd say I'm actually proud of from my experiments in Milkytracker. I think it still needs something else, and it isn't complete, but I think it's "a good song" with nice composition.

It's amazing how much adding chords can improve things. It sounds much "fuller" now.

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Conversations with a Computer (WIP)

(a "song" / audio experience I'm working on)

The computer has booted up; so far the user and computer are talking happily.

milkytracker experiment... not claiming it's very good (timing doesn't seem right)

Friends: "Chris we know you're getting into this ocaps thing but we love you and care about you we want you to be safe"
Me: "Don't worry, I can manage myself just fine"

Static vs dynamic comic that everyone can enjoy and be just a little bit upset at

Original here:

Time travel? In ??? Yes, you can see that in this gif, but the really cool thing demoed here is that the underlying dev environment of Goblins supports time-travel debugging!

I spent a couple of hours extra trying to make the credits screen in look extra cool.

Jealous? You can show up in the next release by selecting a tier on

(I plan a 1.1 release not too far away from 1.0)

Thanks to everyone who made this happen! We're mere moments away from the 1.0 release (as in, I'm not going to bed until it's out)

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