Had my first time out at a significant gathering since I transitioned. A family wedding in Kansas... and I was really nervous.

But actually people were great. It was a good experience. People were respectful who knew me before. And I think I passed for most who didn't?

when you're trying your best to be profesh but you're not so secretly just a code witch

I mentioned that emacs had a gameboy emulator named eboy: github.com/vreeze/eboy

@aeva and other Hack and Crafts participants convinced me I had to show it off live

Move over M-x tetris, we're playing gameboy tetris now

Hack & Craft this Saturday from 20:00-22:00 EDT!* fossandcrafts.org/hack-and-cra

All-crafts-inclusive, from knitting to programming! I'll probably be continuing to tinker with my little lispy game demo! What will you work on?

(* Sunday 00:00-02:00 UTC)

I've been neglecting my work in the garden recently (weeding especially, so the garden is overrun, sorry sorry) but hey I think I actually look pretty decent in my gardening overalls despite being a (literal) hot mess in these pics

I present to you a new meme template for your moments of incredulous exasperation. An example and the base image are both included.

Thank you to @cstanhope for recognizing the memetic potential here: social.coop/@cstanhope/1068231

My exercise setup is totally me cheating, but it works: I play video games while sitting on a recumbent exercise bike. Easy to stay motivated.

I find the joycons work pretty well since they're cordless and separated which makes it easy to hold while using armrests

Some of the Hack & Craft participants said they *missed* the fire snake, and @emacsomancer suggested bringing it back in a more intentional way, but where it would die, so it resembled the "snake" game more directly.

I decided to see if I could implement that in 5 minutes. I did!

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So okay I added the cooldown and yay I had everything back to where it was with the demo on top of the previous engine!

... but then ...

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So okay horray I fixed the update routine and they moved right again but I still needed a cooldown, so I had a beam gun instead of bullets:

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So I got the cat and blob back fine and was adding the bullets back, but oops, due to a funny bug the bullet update routine wasn't running so they weren't moving, resulting in an accidental "drawing program" where you made firey sneks:

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Here's the progress I made at Hack & Craft today, as a thread of cute little gifs!

Between this and last Hack & Craft I started porting a little game demo I made over to run on top of Spritely Goblins. Here's what it looked like *before* I started porting, in the old engine:

food, dulce de leche, hack 

If you're a fan of dulce de leche, the internet rumor of the "lazy instant pot (or equivalent)" route is true. Put a can of sweetened condensed milk in the device on a metal trivet, cover the can with water, cook on high for 35-40mins. It just works...

Experiment today was to use coconut sweetened condensed milk for a vegan version (not pictured). It worked, but seemed to me like it would have benefited from increased time.

eye contact, less femme and more femme 

I had some comments that people thought I've gone femme very "fast", or were surprised I wasn't on HRT until a few days ago. That was nice to hear... but there's nothing special here. Lots of things are "surface level". You could do it.

Observe the difference between the first image, fresh out of the bath a few minutes ago, where I'm not wearing any makeup at all, and the second. I think I look femme in the first but not as much.

Gender is a construct.

selfie / eye contact (a bit different than before) 

My hair dried and my lipstick wore off, so I put on a different kind of lipstick. A bit less high school gothy than the last one (but still a little gothy).

No edits or filters, this is just me sitting at my desk right now.

selfie, eye contact 

Today's attempted look is that goth girl from high school who always said "humanity can die in a fire" and acted like she didn't give a fuck but if you talked to her it turns out she gave all the fucks and was active in every cause you could imagine

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