Guess what I got running again? It's my old MUD! Yeah, the one from the live hackable MUD demo I gave off a few years ago!

It still works! I didn't even have to change any code, I just pointed the packaging at Guile 3.0 and it was fine! "guix shell" made it easy to spin it back up again!

At last! @fossandcrafts Episode 50! And what's it about? Spritely and the @spritelyinst!

We wanted episode 50 to be exciting. And what could be more exciting than the news that @spritelyinst is funded, growing, etc?

This episode also reflects a transition point. In the earliest days, @fossandcrafts is how I started talking about Spritely and its aims. Now with the @spritelyinst, things have grown, with real organizational stewardship and an exciting roadmap. We're just getting started!

who is this gremlin? I'm not sure but I love him just as much as he loves his hamburger

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Sorry buddy, you are both a planet and a god and a hamburger and you are eating a hamburger

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This one was pretty good too, apparently the burger is so good Saturn has to adjust his monocle

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Thanks to Wes Chow I finally got to see what Dall-e 2's rendering of "Goya's Saturn devouring his hamburger" looks like and the answer is: great

That's enough for this thread for now. The important thing is, things are happening, and we are in every way a serious organization now.
(And if this stuff excites you, we'll be hiring... soon. Soon!!!)

Let's make a better internet together!

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But here's the cool thing! We said objects in Spritely Goblins can asynchronously and securely communicate with each other no matter *where* they live on the network.

That's because we're borrowing some smart technical designs from the object capability security community!

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Let's hop back to that transactions and time travel bit though!

This is possible because Goblins has something which is called a-erm, excuse the programming lingo here--a "transactional heap"

But as you can see in this illustration (modified from Mark S. Miller's dissertation, thanks Mark) it looks like there's two ways of communicating...

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We're not just building cool nerdy tech for programming theory nerds! The end goal is changing how people communicate on the internet in general, and we are working towards that end-user vision also.

But there's more public to talk about the lower-level tech stuff right now, so that's more of the focus in this thread :)

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Goblins also has a distributed programming environment which means that p2p tech can be written really easily... such as this p2p, end to end encrypted, chat protocol example... which only took 150 lines of code for the backend and never even needed to mention the network once to function! In Spritely, building secure, network-ready software is the *default* way you program!

See more in our tech tour thread:

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@spritelyinst tech is already pretty cool: we have some wild things like a distributed, transactional distributed programming environment called Goblins:

This is pretty cool and there are some fun things it can do already! For example, what happens when you have an unlimited amount of transactional rollback? Time travel, as demoed in this space shooter game Terminal Phase!

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So, what does this mean? For one thing, it means that Spritely is moving out of a "scrappy couple of developers" project to a real research institution. We're actually already approved as a 501c3 nonprofit in the US!

(If you know anything about how hard it is to get open source tech nonprofits to get that status, that should be an indicator of its own!)

Spritely is growing up! (On that note, if you were following @spritelyproject, switch over to @spritelyinst because that's where everything's happening now!)

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YES! I'm SO EXCITED to say that the Spritely Institute (of which I'm CTO) just got a substantial amount of multi-year funding from the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web!

We also just put this lovely blogpost giving a tour of the Spritely Institute's technology!

This is really huge! I'll expand more on what it means below in this thread!

eye contact, a little bit fancy but not too much! 

Today's an exciting day, so I dressed up to look fancy/profesh for it :)

eye contact, me 

It's 11pm and I just finished work for the day. I didn't have time to put on makeup or anything else appearance-wise but have a selfie anyway :)

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