You've probably noticed that governance bodies all across the world (including the US, and in the EU but definitely elsewhere as well) are taking note about the shape of social networks.

Here's some early draft legislation from the EU. It says "gatekeepers" 16 times in 6 pages:

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Wait, could it be? Am I seeing Twitter providing threaded conversations at last?

I tend to feel that threaded conversations improve discourse, even though the aesthetics of the last 1.5 decades of UI design has been to flatten everything out... so I hope I see more of this

Even on the fediverse... StatusNet's default UI used to be threaded back in the day. Some amazing conversations happened there that ended the moment the next revision switched to flat-by-default.

omg. OMG. **OMG!!!**

Okay I know this sounds like nonsense but oh my god! Captp + handoffs on three *independent* peers over tor onion services, with everyone chatting over goblin-chat!

Each user has their own address on the p2p network! *No* central server!

This is HUGE!

Some people expressed curiosity in what my diet tracking setup looks like, so I attached a screenshot.

I have some custom code on top of org-mode I call org-diet. Day to day usage is just done in emacs, then I run custom code to generate reports.

Almost look presentable thanks to some help by @mlemweb

webcam still sucks and office still a mess though

It's really nice to have @davidrevoy's artwork as part of @spritelyproject. Feeling really motivated just looking at this piece.

The worlds we'll build together!

Security researcher joining me in a little test of goblin-chat running over tor onion services before we set things up for the penetration test

Me: Why yes, I'm more than happy to show you my emacs setup; I use a modified "snow" theme for my light theme and a modified "naquadah" theme for my dark theme

I'm so excited about the @spritelyproject demos I'm going to be able to show off once I finish this "captp handoffs" stuff!

I've had this whiteboard looming behind my head for a few weeks now...

Once I'm done I can finally work on the "distributed textual virtual worlds" demo!

Here's a song: "Toy Goblins Wind Down Slowly To Their Deaths". An arrangement in Milkytracker on an original tune by my friend @aeva. CC BY-SA 4.0.

Source (milkytracker):

Based on:

Goal: have this implemented by the end of today... or at worst, tomorrow. This is one of the major last pieces for a fully functioning CapTP implementation in Spritely Goblins

Really happy to finally get out this update about goings-on in @spritelyproject

tl;dr RacketCon talk up, progress on the serializing-a-running-world system (Aurie), making progress towards textual virtual worlds.

Enjoy! And thanks to @davidrevoy for the INCREDIBLE character artwork!

Not the most flattering picture of me but the ducks make up for my deficiencies

(As seen in our duck-guest-starring @fossandcrafts episode:)

Guile running on Guix running on the Hurd running on a VM running on Guix running on my machine

You too could experience such joys

My hair was out of control today so @mlemweb braided it and I think it came out pretty nice :)

Maybe I should wear my hair this way more often...

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