Static vs dynamic comic that everyone can enjoy and be just a little bit upset at

Original here:

Time travel? In ??? Yes, you can see that in this gif, but the really cool thing demoed here is that the underlying dev environment of Goblins supports time-travel debugging!

I spent a couple of hours extra trying to make the credits screen in look extra cool.

Jealous? You can show up in the next release by selecting a tier on

(I plan a 1.1 release not too far away from 1.0)

Thanks to everyone who made this happen! We're mere moments away from the 1.0 release (as in, I'm not going to bed until it's out)

Hi! As some of you know, I helped out some of my friends at @conservancy this year with their funding campaign:

This was partly for fun, but it was mostly because I really believe in it. Conservancy does critical work in standing up for user freedom principles and in supporting tons of FOSS projects (lots of which you probably use).

There's 2 days left and over $17k to go. If you haven't donated yet, they could use your help!

Made a blogpost about Terminal Phase happening over on my Patreon account. Includes a few more screenshots!

Are you a patron? I thought it would be nice to thank people who are donating, so if you want to show up in the credits, you can do so by selecting a tier now!

Game should be released in the next week!



I'll work on an actual blogpost instead of just this excited microblog this morning. Libre terminal shooters for everyone!

Pew pew pew! Believe it or not more things are happening in terminal phase. New stuff in this screenshot:
- Different kinds of < fighters (some fire, some don't)
- New enemy: "n"ymphs. They're quicker than < fighters and move towards your character!
- New enemy: "K" ships take time locking onto your character, then charge forward at lightning speed!

Seriously we're so close to a real release of this ONLY $15/mo LEFT TO GO OMG YOU COULD MAKE IT HAPPEN

Free movement now works in Terminal Phase! The x axis is yours to move across! Collision detection is also fixed: neither you nor your bullets can phase (ha) through walls/enemies anymore.

Also as you can see in this video, I've added mines!

I hope to have a full game finished by Wednesday. We are merely $13/mo away from it being funded... can we make the goal before then?

I accidentally programmed something very interesting to look at in Terminal Phase

telnet 2333 

We're a mere $40/month away from hitting the $500/month goal on my Patreon! (That's 92%! Holy cow!)

Once that happens, I'll release Terminal Phase as a complete game! Space shooter in your terminal! Pew pew pew!

Here it is! I wrote up about building Terminal Phase, a space shooter which runs in your terminal, using the Racket programming language

Getting close to hitting the milestone for me to turn it into a full game:

Made an update over at my Patreon account about the Terminal Phase prototype

Blogpost about the tech details coming soon!

Who am I kidding? I know what you all want, and that's screenshots:

Spaceships! Bullets! Explosions! Your terminal has never been so excited! Make it happen:

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