eye contact, mildly coy 

just here to talk about lexical scope and decentralized network protocols 💜

eye contact, some jewelry 

I made a necklace at the last @fossandcrafts Hack and Craft! I said I was going to post it but then I didn't get a chance really.

So here it is... the necklace, in detail, and then me wearing it!

eye contact, sad vampire, creepy doll 

Unfortunately @mlemweb got another job rejection this morning... it's a rough time to be an academic, even an interdisciplinary-digital-humanities academic.

@mlemweb: "If I'm going to be a sad vampire I'm at least going to carry around a creepy doll"

eye contact, vampire household 

sorry internet, this is a vampire household now

eye contact, duckface 

I did do a duckface test, but you have been warned

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New episode of @fossandcrafts on "Gender and Sexuality, A Personal Perspective" fossandcrafts.org/episodes/30-

I talk about being nonbinary trans-femme and @mlemweb talks about being demisexual.

Sharing experiences is good... though a motivator for this episode (for me) is also that much of my work is public (ActivityPub, etc) and easily found. A "stealth" transition isn't an option for me without disconnecting from my past work.

So here it is, out in the open.

eye contact 

First ever real attempt at putting on makeup, and I intentionally went a bit dramatic...

I don't really know what I'm doing... but I felt good about it anyway?

bodied horror 

At the request and desire of exactly nobody, including myself, here's a little creature in a hopefully non-series called "Bodied Horror"

eye contact, self-portrait 

for context, here is the sketch overlaid over top of the original photo

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eye contact, self-portrait 

quick sketch-over in-between tasks

debated whether to post this because maybe it seems a bit narcissistic, dunno. but this was the first photograph where I felt good about myself really... so I thought it might be a nice exercise

eye contact 

Picture from my (extremely crappy) webcam. Still a long way to go, and not on HRT yet, but I feel increasingly better about myself, even with my many limitations.

And yes, that is a purple and black skulls-and-flowers dress. My favorite piece of clothing.

There it is, the amount of progress I managed to do on my little creature drawing during Hack & Craft! I really enjoyed today, I look forward to doing this again :)

The creature I'm working on at Hack & Craft today!

It's been really fun so far... lots of people working on very different things! :)

In case you want to join: fossandcrafts.org/hack-and-cra

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