@Sir_Boops Whoa whoa whoa wait, is this federation over tor .onion addresses?

If so heck yeah

@Sir_Boops That's GREAT! I've been talking about how I think we should do AP over tor .onion addresses and I was planning on doing it myself. I am *thrilled* someone else beat me to it.

IMO we're going to need to start incorporating petnames systems into these systems in order to make the gobbletygook'ness of those identifiers still be useful for people:

(Also augh I need to finish that paper)

@Sir_Boops Notably AP over tor .onion addresses, if it took off, would be the death of "but webfinger addresses are the most useful addresses!"

@cwebber @Sir_Boops yes, once you have a .onion address it never changes. And since it's TCP it should federate perfectly, just like with http.

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