Okay, I bought the laptops from Purism. I sure hope this works out!

@cwebber New avatar, new laptop, new house, new state?



@cwebber nice, got mine about a month ago. imho overpriced mediocre hardware, but excited about the future, the company is growing which means we might reach a point of Apple class libre computers

@decoy yeah I'm well aware that it's expensive given the build quality... but each iteration seems like it's better, and they do support coreboot and user-controlled TPM and blobless computers... all heading in the right direction.

@cwebber Oh, do let me know your experiences in agonizing detail! I talked to them for a good 20m or so at LP and was impressed by the details of some of their work. I was mainly talking to them about some security features.

I really would like a modern laptop. But getting rid of the X200 will be hard, in part for the same reason you mentioned: a dock. We have USB-C docks at work and I despise the thing. Hardware docks Just Work. But I haven't done any research on USB-C docks on GNU/Linux.

I also asked them if they have plans to add a TrackPoint device. Unfortunately, they said it'd take too much re-working of the hardware, so it's not something they'd do right now. :(
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