Follow really I just want to kill automake because ugh

· · Web · 0 · 0 · 1 I know lots of good people put effort into automake but a giant expanded pile of shell and makefiles is nuts to debug and the whole autotools system is so hard to learn it does mostly "just work" though... if someone else sets it up for you :P

@cwebber @ng0 I remember reading about one of the autotools embedding guile in a coming version

I don't remember if it was automake or some other tool

I can't find the toot anymore, of course

@catonano make has guile support but I've never used it

@cwebber @ng0

I see

How is it supposed to be used ?

Can it spare me the ugly m4 macros in my files ?

How ?

The manual has an exampel but it's not very expressive

@catonano I've heard that sadly it's not quite as powerful as it should be.

Honestly I'd still like to have a build DSL written in Guile that can either run as scheme or write out portable shell

@cwebber @ng0

Of course you'd prefer guile. Those m4 macros are a huge techical debt

Integrating java and clojure is way easier !

I made a Guile wrapper around Freexl. I used some m4 macros

But then Guile-git, g-golf and all those use different macros to do the same thing, I don't undertsand and that frustrates me

@sajith @cwebber @ng0

Now, for example, there' s no way that I can get Haunt to work on my Fedora workstation.

The Guix provided Haunt cant fins some scheme modules

If I check it out and build it it misses some other modules

And of course the macros in Haunt are different than the ones I found in guile-git, guile-crypt, g-golf... 😞

@catonano @cwebber @ng0 You're not alone in that either! I feel like an idiot all the time. :-)

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