Issue asking for ActivityPub support in GitLab

Okay come on, *everyone* must want this

Thanks to @ted for filing it :)

This could make GitLab as an alternative to GitHub actually work.

I left a comment explaining why GitLab could be improved by an order of magnitude or so by having federations support

@cwebber I agree 100%.

I've suggested the same thing often. It's a nonsense for me to have a hundred of accounts to help people in separated servers and all that...

Why don't we make a fork of Gitea or something and we put ActivityPub on top of it?

That would be great for everyone.

@ekaitz_zarraga @cwebber

I think its important to make public/private distinction.

I use Github for stuff that is open (or about to be made public)

I use my gitlab for stuff I dont want to share with the world.

As an academic I am zig zagging the lines between open source and trade secret. I don't want to lose my trade secrets by accident.

I guess this issue comes up all the time in federation. Example Mastodon. I want to share some toots, but I want my usage data private.

@deeds @cwebber I don't really see the point of what you say.
GitHub is a privative place which has many users and that's why *we* end up using it.
There's no more reason than that they are successful. But they are unethical and they don't really respect the values that made them successful.

If we had a free software approach that let's us decide what do we share and how we would be able to say Goodbye to GitHub and create more healthy commons that respect our rights as *people*.


@ekaitz_zarraga @cwebber

I am not talking about tracking etc. I am talking about my clumsy self accidentally making the wrong repository public.

I use my gitlab for stuff that I want to keep "secret" to the public (that is until I am ready to share)

@ekaitz_zarraga @cwebber

@cwebber Suggested to federate gitlab instances. I think this is great.

My only concern is blending the lines between private and public can be confusing to people to the point where they may accidentally share stuff they did not intend to share.


@deeds @ekaitz_zarraga I agree it's important to make that distinction and that we need to plan our user experiences around expressing the intent of the user.

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