One interesting part of this K-Mart overhead music reel is that at 13:24 (and some other times) there are messages like "will security please report to section 3" despite that this is a single tape distributed to all stores

you've heard of security theater, now get ready for security radio

@cwebber wtf is going on in your day that you're listening to a K-mart overhead music reel

I'm both fascinated and concerned

@cwebber I have 100% spent a day listening to these tapes and have thought the same thing

@lmorchard @cwebber I guess I assumed the tape came *from* a store but now that I think about it I can't imagine why that would be a thing.

@gamehawk @lmorchard It comes from a collection of tapes that an employee collected that were supposed to be played as overhead music. Here's a whole section:

@cwebber Yeah, I remember checking it out when the link was going around some while back, and just for some reason made the leap from "an employee kept the tapes" to "an employee kept the tapes that... were taped off the sound system where the tapes were played?"

I clearly didn't put a lot of thought into it. 😆

@cwebber gotta admit that "will security please report to section 3" got a sick beat

@cwebber Section 3 guards at every K-mart be like "Fuck you whoever recorded this".

@cwebber There's some big-box store we were in recently -- Target? -- where I've been noticing they regularly interrupt the music with some sort of vague instruction to "all security personnel" to "please monitor" something-or-other -- but it sounds exactly the same each time... I always figured it was just a ploy to get potential shoplifters to think "oh crap, they're watching, I should probably go somewhere else".

Security radio theatre indeed. :-P

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