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Christopher Lemmer Webber @cwebber

I dunno about anyone else but almost nothing makes me more nervous than China's new "social credit" system being adopted worldwide... which is easy to envision happening

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@cwebber remember back when social credit in Canada was some strange economic system proposal slash later different conservative party?

@cwebber this largely benefits the top tier privileged assholes and a large number of pretentious cunts.

It's all about control and keeping everyone's ass in check.
What could possibly go wrong? Dictatorship? Blackmail? A North Korean clone except this time, it's filled with mindless Chinky patriotic slaves?

Before anyone tests my sincerity, I'd like to put them through a few tests of my own. And if they fail, they're going to be the sorriest human beings to ever exist.

@cwebber i had the brief temptation of using facial recognition to identify expelled students trying to come on to campus.

@cwebber Companies in the 'West' already use credit scores to assess not only if a person pays back debts, but also if they are a good employee. The People's republic of China might have made the system more overarching and complex, but it already exists all over the world.