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@cwebber unless we can genetically turn off aggression, itd only be accelerated sofar as with selective breeding. A gmo still needs to gestate, and it still takes several generations to acclimate a wild species to regular/close human contact

@hi_cial Sure, I'm partly suggesting you'd turn off aggression and related genes.

@hi_cial to the extent that this is easy / possible to do, and it isn't clear it is yet.

@cwebber once you talk about -that- then it gets ethically dicey yeah

bc then youre in clockwork orange territory

@cwebber at current tho i think the best we can do is take the most docile, human-friendly offspring from any given litter and then create artificial reproductive matter from them & work on basically just accelerating domestication in the same way that we've been doing for thousands of years anyway

not sure we can behaviorally modify in vitro yet & let alone ensure those offspring can pass that behavior on to future generations tho. thats. a while off yet. they only Recently mapped the genome

@cwebber once they get to behavioral modification in vitro that can be passed on we'll be full on biohackin