The Difference Between Free/Libre and Open Source

“Free/Libre = Open Source + Ethics
Open Source = Free/Libre - Ethics”

—Christophe Lafon-Roudier, @Framasoft

@aral @Framasoft @angristan as defined by the FSF, and only the FSF, forever and ever, amen.

No thanks, I'd rather die than give another entity moral authority over me.

@rook @Framasoft @angristan FSF doesn’t have a patent on ethics. Open source, however, is notable for having come into existence as an allergic reaction to the ethics and morality in free software by businesses that did not want ethics or morality to impede their ability to fence off the commons, adopt free as in free labour, and implement open as privatisation.


@aral @rook @Framasoft @angristan it would be very unethical to have a patent on ethics :)

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