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Christopher Lemmer Webber @cwebber

Look, I know you like the name PubSubHubbub and are sad we renamed it to WebSub, but did you see these other names

(thanks to @rhiaro for finding this again)

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@cwebber @rhiaro oh my god i can't believe you guys didn't name it after prince.


seriously. what were y'all thinking? 😅

@cwebber @rhiaro "README.TXT AS A SERVICE" should have been the obvious choice

@cwebber @rhiaro I still like Yet Another PubSub (YAPS). would vote for it again.

@rhiaro @cwebber So the rub is dubbing Websub PubSubHubbub would be a flub?

@cwebber @rhiaro I kind of like the whimsy of HubStep. Makes me think of GNUstep.

@cwebber I love it that someone actually suggested the TAFKAP symbol for a name. Very aesthetic. 🎐

@cwebber @rhiaro WebPro2000! Dang, it should have been named that!

@rhiaro @cwebber I will say that there are some name suggestions there that are *evan better*!