@cwebber @mikegerwitz one of those things I've wanted to do for quite some time but never got around to. thanks for looking into it, Mike!

@cwebber @dthompson It wouldn't have been much of a problem were it not for fonts/fontconfig.

I took a pause on it yesterday, but I'll post what I come up with to the list in the next few days. It's been hours of research/strugging since I wasn't all that familiar with X11 fonts or fontconfig, nor am I all that familiar with the details of Guix. My solution is going to be a combination of a packaged font cache and a script to invoke `guix container`; ugly and rigid!

Hopefully Ludo or someone will be able to provide guidance on a better way, or come up with a general solution, including the option to either run in a container or a VM depending on isolation concerns. I'm not expecting Qubes-style isolation here, though. :)

(Typing this in IceCat running in the container right now.)
@cwebber @dthompson Actually it my solution might involve some minor `guix/scripts/environment.scm` hacking, too. I'm asking for trouble.

@mikegerwitz @cwebber well I wrote most of that file so you'll be alright :)

@dthompson @cwebber Oh, nice. It's pretty easy to understand/hack. I have some changes, but I'm going to get a couple more together before I send patches. I feel like some of these things I want to do may be better suited to a higher-level abstraction, so I'm trying to just get some sort of implementation out there to demonstrate how it works and at least start some good discussion on where to go from there.

@dthompson Are you going to attend LP2018, or maybe stop by like last year?

@mikegerwitz yes, I'll be at libreplanet. I'll be giving a talk about Guix, too. :)


@mikegerwitz Oh nice! I didn't know you were giving a talk on Guix @dthompson! I'm pumped!

@cwebber @mikegerwitz yeah it should be pretty cool. currently have no idea what exactly I will talk about... gotta get to work on that.

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