Nice article by @nextcloud folks about their current and future ActivityPub support! (Or is it ActivityPup? Don't fix that... cutest typo of all time!)

(HT @falgn0n for the link)

@cwebber @nextcloud @falgn0n I think someone should make a "federation icon" or logo of a little puppy with a speech bubble, so we can put an ActivityPub "activity pup" on our federated websites and apps 😊

@cwebber @falgn0n @nextcloud Could ActivityPub use a logo? Maybe there should be a bouncy puppy catching and passing message balls? ;)

@alienghic @nextcloud @falgn0n We have a logo thanks to @mray and you can see it on

We don't have a mascot, unless Alyssa P. Hacker is our mascot? But she's arguably the mascot of SICP, so... :)

@cwebber @nextcloud @falgn0n

For those of us less technically minded, what does this mean in terms of possible integration between something like Mastodon and nextcloud?

@RussSharek @nextcloud @falgn0n It probably means interoperability if the standards are followed exactly, but the authn/authz stuff, which is underspecified in AP but has recommended best practices between HTTP Signatures and Linked Data Signatures, will also need to be followed in the same way

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