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Christopher Lemmer Webber @cwebber

@kensanata @sivy I didn't read SICP until about 8 years into being a programmer. It's one of my favorite books (of any genre) ever

I like the print copy and this online copy

I also really like these old 1980s lectures a lot (be sure to start from 1a)

I found the book was very difficult to read without the lectures, so what I would do was skim a chapter, watch the lecture, then re-read the chapter and try the exercises. It's a journey... enjoy!

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@cwebber @kensanata @sivy I got introduced to it during the first semester at uni in the worst possible way as the professor stopped using it after the first couple of chapters before the interesting bits started. Reread it much later and found my love for #scheme.

@cwebber @kensanata @sivy There's a version that is not "ipod optimized" uploaded by MIT OpenCourseWare on their own Youtube channel. If you like to git clone it I have a copy here (holding so far just SCIP 6.001 full lecture videos)

@cwebber @kensanata @sivy with subtitiles and mp4 file.