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Okay everyone, if you want to see the new standard I'm working on (Linked Data Capabilities) it's available here:

I tried to include a gentle introduction-by-narrative-example, which I think was also very helpful in ActivityPub.

Very interested in feedback if you have it!

@cwebber Yush, I started reading it. Thanks!

*should send feedback tomorrow.*

@cwebber I think the narrative example is great! It would also help me as a reader/reviewer to see examples of where this would be used today/tomorrow, i.e. not just the abstract car example, but a currently-implementable use case. Some standards folks write separate "explainer" docs, which can be very helpful.

@npd Yeah... here are two use cases:

- Imagine you wanted to allow someone on another ActivityPub server to be able to help curate a collection of images / movies you have. You could hand them a capability to do that.
- There's an interesting "cloud file storage service" example in the Rebooting Web of Trust paper this derives from
- Updating key material in DIDs

And a whole lot more!

@cwebber @npd Wow, I think I need this for the idea that I'm noodling.

@cwebber this is very interesting. I'm not sure how it could model things like delegating authority in shared documents / desktops, but it feels like it could be useful for that.

@federicomena it can be and it's been done, though not sure if in things people have used day to day... eros, capdesk, etc

@cwebber Hold on, Alyssa *lives* with Ben? But she had to send him an ActivityPub message to make sure he returns a book?!

@gamehawk Hey these different spec's examples aren't necessarily happening at the same time :)

Also good memory!

@cwebber "Rebooting the web of trust" is a permanently-open tab on my browser these days.

@cwebber @gamehawk Telling a story through W3C specification examples across different specs is pretty cybre.

What happens next, Alyssa and Ben start dating? I'd like to see examples of them sending out wedding invitations ;P

#Benyssa #SpecSlashFic

@zatnosk @cwebber Technically, "This specification was published by the . It is not a W3C Standard nor is it on the W3C Standards Track."

I'm not sure what "the ." should be; it's also an empty link.

@gamehawk Ah that's because I haven't filled in part of the template yet because the Credentials Community Group needs to review it and agree to officially take it on as a work item!

@zatnosk is right, you are *super* attentive!

@zatnosk @gamehawk Btw I didn't come up with Alyssa and Ben, they're characters from SICP

So in a sense, *my* specs are fan fiction, if anything!

@cwebber @gamehawk nice. All the more reason to ship them in your writing! 😍 #Benyssa

@zatnosk @cwebber Yeah, they've had a lot of adventures over the years, separately and together. Some of it is definitely fan fiction.

@gamehawk @zatnosk Woww... that was... something.

(I have to say I'm a bit uncomfortable with the objectification of Alyssa P. Hacker as a prelude to the announcement of a girl scout benefit!)

@gamehawk @cwebber As if IMing your college room mate from across the dorm room to ask a question instead of just slightly raising your voice wasn't a thing I personally did in late 2000…

@benhamill @cwebber Granted, my husband and I have been known to converse via Slack when our desks sit face-to-face. (His headphones are *really* opaque.)

@gamehawk @cwebber

clearly, Alyssa kicked Ben out at some point because Ben sent another ActivityPub message from "the club" and tagged Janice in it.

there. plot hole fixed.

@kaniini @cwebber Oh no, that just complicates it further, because canonically their relationship is platonic.

@kaniini @gamehawk Hey, I did NOT imply that Alyssa and Ben are in a relationship for a reason! They're just friends!

@cwebber @gamehawk


what about...

Alyssa kicked out Ben because he didn't pay his rent on time. Now she is angry that he didn't return her book either.

@cwebber I feel I have a much better understanding from the introduction of this paper than I got from its predecessor, so nice work!

I'm not sure this is a good fit for the specific thing I was trying to ask you about the other day, but I'll have to think on it and pester you when I'm less sleepy.

For many general uses this seems very useful! I look forward to seeing more complete drafts.

Identity seems hard, as always; more words on that might be in order?

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