#X200 users: has anyone noticed a very loud high-frequency noise coming from the inverter when the monitor brightness is below max? It's not CPU frequency scaling noise---I hear that too. I'm unfortunately rather sensitive to high-frequency noises. I'm having trouble determining if this is a common issue with X200s.

If so, has anyone tried replacing the inverter, and had success in resolving the issue? I don't want to spend the money if it's not going to work. But I want to figure out something. Even if that involves hardware hacking.

On the upside, I do have #GuixSD running and everything's going pretty well!
@kkebreau Ah well I'm both sorry to hear that and relieved to hear that. :) Thanks for replying.

@cwebber you have an X200 right? Do you experience any high-pitched noise when reducing the screen brightness?
Christopher Lemmer Webber

@mikegerwitz @kkebreau I'm also not gonna undock it right now and test the brightness because I'm not running Gnome... mainly due to lack of nice opengl acceleration... and so undocking is a pain in the butt :)

@cwebber I also get CPU noise from frequency scaling (not even comparable to the brightness noise, though) and a little bit of noise from the fan, more noticeable when it's docked (maybe from how the sound echoes). It's otherwise pretty quiet.

Do you experience problems undocking? I don't run GNOME either (i3 on a plain X11 session, GuixSD), and I'm pretty happy with the convenience. I wrote a simple shell script using xrandr to handle the monitors when docking/undocking/plugging/unplugging.
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