Had lunch with Mark S. Miller and found out that A) the E capability-aware was built to implement a decentralized multiplayer game in the 90s and that B) *they built that game*! It was called Habitat:

~"But in the 90s ideas about open source and how important it was weren't clear at the time and so many of those accomplishments died."

Still, wow!

@cwebber Wonder if those accomplishments could be unarchived from these moribund companies.

@cwebber By the late 90s things like GNUTella were pretty well known and frree softtware.

@cwebber I still remember the discussion I had in the mid-90s about what sort of license to use for things I was writing. Free Software was still a relatively unknown thing (Open Source was still to come) so it took a bit of, what is this thing and why should I use it?

I suspect there is lot of software from that era that the authors wish could be re-licenced, if only to see what others will build from it.

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