Christopher Lemmer Webber

I've got about 1.5 weeks to finish the ActivityPub test suite, and .5 until I report in saying "okay it's clear I'm going to be able to make it".

I don't honestly do great under this kind of stress. But I can do it...

2018 is going to be first-priority working on my health above all else though. 2015-2017 were brutal for me. :\

@bea thanx thanx

I gotta stay away from distractions though... right now they're the Rebooting Web of Trust papers mainly because they're super interesting and let's be honest not the thing under the scary deadline

@cwebber yeah nooooooo don't do that and also i highly recommend you stay off masto too tbh!

@cwebber If you need an accountability buddy, I am down (for 2018 [or before] health). ^_^

@cwebber @maiki Heck, we should have an accountability group for habits and what-not. I know I could use one form unprocrastination and development.

@craigmaloney @cwebber, I've done that a bit with @timotheus and @judytuna, where we used a RocketChat channel called #standup, where we would drop in daily or whatnot, and say what we were doing, dealing with, feeling, researching, etc. It was mostly to broadcast, and then folk sent private messages or talked in a topical channel.

It worked really well for me, to have a sound board. I was gonna actually suggest that when groups hit Matrix in the next release. Is that of interest?

@judytuna @craigmaloney @cwebber @maiki @timotheus That would be cool, though I'm not a huge fan of yet-another-account for this. Wonder if it could be done with Mastodon and private messaging?

@craigmaloney @judytuna @cwebber @timotheus My primary concern about Mastodon for that is this very thread. ^_^

It doesn't scale to include bunches of people, ne?

How about jabber?!

I know, I don't want to make it complicated either. But Mastodon isn't my ideal scenario, either. I like doing it in chat, in part so it disappears.

I suppose we could use a tag, and everyone could use it slightly differently, like when I use it, I want to chat, not email or microblog about it.

@judytuna @craigmaloney @cwebber @maiki @timotheus True. It could get rather large. On the other hand it's also where most of the folks involved are and could be a way to "dogfood" the system to figure out why it wouldn't work for something like this.

I am gonna talk to @craigmaloney about this more, but wanted to say thanks for tagging along to @judytuna @cwebber @timotheus. ^_^

@craigmaloney that doesn't sound bad. I've kinda tracked the conversation about groups, how Mastodon doesn't have them as GNU/Social does.

Craig, do you segment your online identity? I largely do not. I am public about almost everything that doesn't betray the trust of another (the almost refers to the few details about myself I do not share).

So tagging an accountability post in public actually works for me. What works for you?

@maiki I don't segment my ID either. WYSIWYG.

I'm OK with being open about this sort of thing. I've blogged about my habit tracking and such before so being open about what worked and what didn't work is fine for me.

I tend to self-censor on the parts that really need privacy so if it's public I'll post the parts that I think are public.

@craigmaloney coolio! I'll check yer blog for that, I'm always curious what other folks are doing. I myself have *not* blogged about my habit tracking, because of how self-conscious I am of tracking my habits! ^_^

I chose "standup" as the channel name after the in-person meetings, and how I felt that was valuable, even virtually.

For me, talking about my day like that is a form of buddy accountability. Is that in the realm of what you meant by self-health, @cwebber?

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