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Christopher Lemmer Webber @cwebber

I can't believe that what may grind me to a halt in this project at last is god damn key encodings when there's a format that actually f@!$ing works and is easy to write a parser in 100 lines or less

"There is more agony in the world of programming caused by avoidance of parentheses than anything else" said someone once but I forget who dat was

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@cwebber  I had to write a key converter to federate with all these different protocols - it was great fun. Not. You can take ASN.1 and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Unfortunately in our world, you are often forced to deal with the crap that the standards committees decide on and these decisions are rarely made based on technical merit; but mostly by pressure from people who have no clue what mistakes were made and what workarounds and negotiations and decisions were made to solve those problems in the past.

Every generation it seems has to start from scratch on the entire communications stack and re-invent and re-solve every single problem all over again.  And they too will be subverted by cronyism and their decisions flawed, and the next generation to the plate will have to do it all over again.