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Christopher Lemmer Webber @cwebber

Lessons learned today from trying to read key information with insufficient library support:

- I thought there's one type of "PEM encoding" because it looks like there is but I WAS WRONG
- I thought it would be so easy to just parse the PEM data, it's just base64 encoded key stuff right? I WAS WRONG
- yesterday I was talking about Rivest's Canonical S-Exps being great and I WAS RIGHT. They're the only easy to parse and sane format out of all of these... and also the least used, go figure.

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@cwebber WebAssembly text format uses S-exprs
Also Swift and/or Rust intermediate formats use one.

@charlag I def think the use of s-exps in webassembly is a good sign for webassembly!

@charlag GCC also uses them in its intermediate language.

@cwebber whoa i had no idea re: the PEM stuff. i assumed the same!