i'm really confused about the anti-masto stuffs, should i be concerned at all? or is it just playful?

@oxenfree many people on gnusocial are angry at mastodon for breaking standards, not having regard for how their system federates with others, blocking instances over criticism, and for some the cardinal offense lies within generally being more to the left then gnusocial.

As it is contained to gnusocial its really easy to ignore, however bein ghtat YOU are on gnusocial you may be concerned about mastodon disapearing from the federation as they switch protocols.

@oxenfree I take it all with a grain of salt personally, there are valid criticisms and there are not valid criticisms, likewaise there are valid defenses and not so valid defenses.

Its politics dude its dumb af boiiiiiiiiiiii

@cybermeow copy that, makes sense, i don't have any clear opinions on the matters, so i'll just not worry

@oxenfree @Elizafox
best case scenario both platforms switch to activitypub around the same time and in the process reintegrate into a single strong federation of social services.

Worst case scenario mastodon switches to activity pub leaving gnusocial behind and putting a wall between two groups with cool ass content.

@oxenfree @cybermeow the latter isn't happening


OStatus is going to remain supported
OStatus is going to remain supported
OStatus is going to remain supported

How many times do I have to tell people

@Elizafox @cybermeow wasn't someone boosting the different protocol supports earlier today? errrm yesterday i guess?

@cybermeow @oxenfree OStatus is going to remain supported in Mastodon until 2.0 which won't happen until every major player switches over to ActivityPub.

Word of Gargron himself.

I think GS people are spreading FUD because well let's be honest that's what chan people do for sport.

@Elizafox @oxenfree (you basically just gave us the end date of ostatus support, that kind of justifies the 'FUD' doesnt it)

@cybermeow @Elizafox @thatbrickster @lain

ok, so here's a question, why even argue over protocols, can't they just be interfaced if necessary?
@oxenfree @cybermeow @Elizafox @thatbrickster Mainly because it's more work for everyone involved to implement everything in a new standard.
@lain @cybermeow @Elizafox @thatbrickster

so i understand more work would upset anyone, but do the instance devs start to hate each other over these stuffs? or is it just more playful politics kinda?
@oxenfree I'm a developer at Friendica. My goal is to connect as many networks as possible. Additionally I'm not a person that starts a fight or who fight just for politics.

Means: I will always try to cooperate with the developers of the other networks. With some this will be more like a friendship, with others this will be more professional. That's just reality. But I won't drop support for some protocol just because of "politics".
@oxenfree @cybermeow @elizafox @cyberpotato @cajun @thatbrickster @lain @heluecht

Hi, I'm @mmn, maintainer of GNUsocial. I reacted when it was written that "many people on gnusocial are angry" and wish to say that !GNUsocial has only love and appreciation for #Mastodon and #ActivityPub.

I believe cooperation is important for libre software and the federated social web. I believe our plural and diverse community should embrace and encourage contributors and development. Any progress we want to make - regardless of anyone's preferred technology - is impeded by hostility and empowered by friendship.

So I want to say thank @cwebber @gargron et al. for all the hard work you actively put into ActivityPub. It's awesome that so many users get in touch with !fs via open protocols.

@mmn @heluecht @gargron

I'm cwebber, co-editor of ActivityPub. I believe in cooperation on the federated social web over hostility. I value the contributions of the whole fediverse, including and especially all the work done on OStatus. Even when we do not agree on a technical direction, we can gain a lot by communicating and trying to solve our common problems together. I hope we can unite the fediverse, and if not, I hope we can always foster constructive dialogue.


BTW, @gargron @mmn and I had talked about making a "joint statement" along these lines a few days ago when hostility between "the federation camps" seemed at its peak.

If the lead dev of GNU Social, the lead dev of Mastodon, and a co-editor of ActivityPub don't want to see open hostility and fighting over this, that should be a good sign to you that this is not a "war" of any kind.

Let's work together, and at the very least, be the best person *we* can in open dialogue. Assume good faith.

@cwebber @mmn @gargron I luckily enough missed the fuss. Great news.
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