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Should I run my own mail server, or should I not?

(Mostly incoming mail)

@algernon I run my own email server. It's definitely good for preserving email as an actually federated, decentralized system. It's kind of a pain these days though. Major kudos to you if you do it, and good luck!

@cwebber I suppose the biggest hurdle is other servers not accepting mail from a self-run one, or marking it as spam, right?

I could, in theory, have a send-only address... but that feels wrong.

@algernon Yeah, there's several things you have to do... DKIM and all that... LetsEncrypt at least makes the ssl part easier... it's also just IME a lot of small pieces to hook together to get a good system. I use Dovecot + Postfix + SpamAssassin's spamd + mu4e.

Christopher Lemmer Webber @cwebber

@algernon The main frustration is that when you get dropped in the spam folders of the major players it's totally opaque as to why, so that feels kinda helpless.

I haven't been having problems this last year, though the year prior was pretty bad.

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