@cwebber okay, this isn't the first time someone has mentioned this recently.

I get when something is amazing and geeky and you want to share, but really, how amazing can reading IETF docs be, in the best possible condition?

Does it change it to pirate speak, but some how still makes sense? Does it zoom out to show that complete IETF docs make Matrix-style ASCII-art strings?

Why is it amazing?


@maiki Ok, maybe it needs to be seen to be understood. Here's some IETF docs rendered in ' "eww" browser: dustycloud.org/tmp/emacs-eww-i

What's nice is that the IETF HTML documents render in exactly the shape they do as their plaintext versions, but all the links still work. You can pull up a specification and hack on it side by side. On the left you see the HTTP Signatures spec, bottom-right is my code, top-right is HTTP auth spec (which I was peeking at to remember how Basic auth works).

@maiki Of course I would be remiss if I didn't show it with ActivityPub too! W3C docs also render nicely dustycloud.org/tmp/emacs-eww-a

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