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Christopher Lemmer Webber @cwebber

The key to reading academic papers is printing them out, grabbing some tea/coffee and a pen, and staying the fuck away from the internet.

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@cwebber or you could upload them to an ebook reader

@bob I do that sometimes too (thanks @maiki !) and I only upload them via sd cards... I've never connected that thing to the internet, for a reason.

@cwebber @bob @maiki I have a similar workflow—curious about your reason for it! :)

@bgcarlisle @bob @maiki The reason is simply that if I connected to the Internet, I would browse the web instead of reading difficult papers ;)

@bgcarlisle @cwebber @bob Glad it is useful, Chris! I have a Kobo Glo HD, which I also don't connect, but mostly for surveillance reasons.

The device in question is e-ink, but also Android based, so getting that online could be seriously distracting!

@maiki @cwebber @bob I love e-readers, but I'm so afraid about the direction that the Kindle is going, with ad-sponsored books :/

@bgcarlisle on one hand, I can be disturbed by that, but on the other, most books from mainstream publishers are just the output of a huge, largely hidden marketing engine.

This is why we need to support DRM and independent publishers/authors! I've actually been reading more lately, so I have more reasons to support them. ^_^

@cwebber also works for writing, editing, tricky coding

@schmonz Yeah, I sometimes disconnect myself from the intarwebs when hacking.

@cwebber five pens of different colors, in my case :)

I print anything I'm looking to study. I real casually on a screen.