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@mikegerwitz We def need to make sure people have the right to install and update their software on their devices. (We need to make sure it's feasible for everyday users to stay up to date too... not an easy problem!)

@cwebber Well, staying up to date on GNU/Linux distros tends to be a trivial problem, yet I can't seem to manage even a `sudo apt-get upgrade' on my systems.

Microsoft's taken the easier approach, really: plow into the user's chair from the side like a bull and shout "fuck you I'm updating".

(I'm not advocating that approach. And embedded/airgapped/specialized devices are a much more difficult issue.)
Christopher Lemmer Webber @cwebber

@mikegerwitz Yeah I'm mostly concerned with being able to upgrade *all* the computers a person has these days. It would be good if you could "pilot" the upgrading from a single computer.

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@cwebber Ah, right. There's plenty of software for that, but unfortunately it's usually under the devops/sysadmin umbrella; not for your average user.