Guess what I got running again? It's my old MUD! Yeah, the one from the live hackable MUD demo I gave off a few years ago!

It still works! I didn't even have to change any code, I just pointed the packaging at Guile 3.0 and it was fine! "guix shell" made it easy to spin it back up again!

This is pre-Spritely, but in many ways *lead* me to Spritely. I could live hack the game while walking around, but it wasn't safe to let other people add code or contribute. Trying to figure out how to make that safe is what lead me to study object capability security!


You can still see a live demo of me showing this off in a presentation I gave where the slides were the rooms of the MUD itself, and I changed the game in response to player input live!

Just scroll down on that page!

Unfortunately it's another pre-transition project. But I'm kinda reviving it...

@cwebber force push! make it a post transition project :D you have the power!

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