Holy shit an ocap OS written in prescheme!

Oh my god look at the whitepapers and references page, it's ALL THE RIGHT THINGS

@cwebber For a moment, I legit thought "prescheme" was obscure Yiddish.


The filesystem is not the best way to store every type of data. 3L instead just provides a simple key-value storage mapping.


Unfortunately it seems not very active. I couldn’t find the code linked directly from the site, but I found it after some digging. Going to have to play around with this!

CC: @vidak

@jens @cwebber @vidak It is a hierarchical mapping of file names to byte sequences. The described system is an extension of memory, mapping variable names to Scheme objects.
@cwebber What's the status of it? Last blog post was 2018?


the dropping of the file system had me cheering loudly even if I was alone

@alexshendi1 @cwebber Hmmm...clearly I have some searching to do as I remain unenlightened, hardware dude as I am.


But no code? 😭

I remember trying to back the project in the day.

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