In a move I will surely not regret... here is a video of me dancing to the Astrophysics & Hatsune Miku remix of Instant Crush

I don't claim to be good at dancing, but I did have fun with it :)

Well, it's the morning after I posted this silly video of me dancing and... I don't regret it! I rewatched it and it was a lot of fun and put me in a good mood.

@aeva said "that feels like a gender euphoria video" and I think, yeah! It is!

Transitioning has been great. I was afraid that transitioning in my mid-30s would be too late. It's been awesome though! It's nice to be able to feel good about myself like this.

@cwebber 😍 love instant crush and love how much you are vibing to this track! :blobcatflower:

@cwebber I had a pretty hard day at work today. This made it better. Thank you. :)

(insert obligatory, "#Peertube version?" comment here)

@Blort The peertube link is in the first post! there are two links, it just chose the youtube one for the preview

@cwebber *facepalmn* Omg. I can't believe I missed that! On my client it just looked like one long link.

@cwebber @aeva Yayyyy! You know, I think this might be the first time I ever saw you dance?

@wobblysaeeda @aeva haha probably!

all those professional moves, like "impromptu twitch", "awkward shuffle", "excited jostle"!

@cwebber @wobblysaeeda the "cute happy nerd girl" is an excellent dance imo

@cwebber @aeva Those are all excellent moves though ) You look like you're having fun, and expressing yourself most importantly :) it's nice to see!

@cwebber @aeva Those are confident moves there. Shake the booty that will not shake.

@craigmaloney @aeva haha, thanks!

Side note, I was listening to the song on my headphones, so I had to figure out afterwards where it aligned with the music. I did that all on the command line with ffmpeg, feeding in offsets until it seemed right. it's not perfect, which makes it even more awkward than I already am by being a bit desync'ed. But that's okay... leaning into awkwardness is what I do, how I survive. :)

@cwebber @aeva As much as I find SMPTE inscrutable I wish there was a consumer-version of it for just such occasions.

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