Want to learn lisp/scheme? Want to learn it so fast you go from NOTHING to SCHEME WRITTEN IN SCHEME in an hour?!?!

Well come see me do exactly such a presentation live at the @fossandcrafts Hack and Craft, today, 2ET (18:00 UTC)!

(It'll also be recorded!)

The presentation is based on A Scheme Primer, written by me and published by @spritelyinst

Hope to see you there!

Lisp/Scheme tutorial at the @fossandcrafts Hack & Craft is happening in just a few minutes!!!

Join to see a live intro to scheme tutorial! :)

@cwebber @fossandcrafts @spritelyinst
Yes, I'd like to know more of this venerable language you speak of, even though I surely won't be able to keep up with your enthusiasm! That recording may come in handy.
But I never joined a Hack & Craft before. Do I just agree with the CoC and show up on the BBB?

@stdh @cwebber @spritelyinst

Yep! That's all it takes, no log-in required. Hope to see you there!

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