FUCK eating "DELICIOUS" food. I'm DONE eating delicious food.

What has delicious food ever done for me? Only made me want to eat more of it.

From now on I am only eating BORING-ASS GRUELS that I can eat as much as I want of which will not be much because they are BORING


I am making a commitment: I will be eating nothing but boring GRUELS until the end of 2022.

Hold me to it.

Exceptions: visiting friends and family and going on dates. I will be allowed to eat non-gruels, to be social.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, and more rarely nuts and baking chocolate are also permitted in unlimited quantities.

I made a blogpost: "The Beginning of A Grueling Diet", laying out the rules by which I will hold myself

I am totally serious about this and I think it will even be a good idea.



Exceptions: visiting friends and family and going on dates.

for a moment I thought you likened the programming mechanism of throwing exceptions to the processes of visiting relatives and dating people

the worst thing is that I kinda understood the reference before going "no wait I parsed it wrong"

@cwebber if I did this I'm sure I'd just end up with delicious pottage recipes..

@cwebber You might wish to add an exception for being sick, too.

@cwebber I misread that as "GRUES" and I thought -- hang on, surely it's the other way round, you don't eat them, they eat you? 😋

@cwebber I have a cookbook, somewhere, with an entire section... but they are not very boring ones.

@Tak I am happy someone did this since I do not have a spare life to do it

@cwebber If you are looking for a nutritious but not interesting pottage let me recommend Rumsford's Soup with greens added to it. It is nutritionally complete once you add the leafy greens (spinach, kale, etc. to it). nequalsonelifestyle.com/2021/0…

@hankg Hey that's a great post, and actually exactly the kind of food I'm talkin' bout here :)

@cwebber Depending on what you are looking for I have recipes for other types of nutrient dense pottages, although they wouldn't be considered gruel since they aren't mostly grain based. For example nutritiarian three bean chili with less seasonings to be more bland would probably fit the bill. www.nequalsonelifestyle.com/20…
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