Guile Steel: a proposal for a systems lisp

Kind of a ramble, it's not software which exists, but describes software I'd like to exist

@cwebber up till the end of the post I was like "I should tell her about Carp!" but yeah obviously I'm not the first to think that.

but! did you know Carp was made by the author of else Heart.Break() ?

@technomancy @cwebber I did not know this, and now I want to learn Carp even more. I *loved* that game.

@cwebber This is what I use Chez for. It's #Scheme all the way down to ASM, there's no C. Has a nice FFI for dealing with everything else in the world. BLAZING fast (well, about 25% of C, sometimes better), without any dumb strict typing needed. I can happily run >60fps with SDL2 thru it. Makes usable "binaries" (runtime + program blob).

@cwebber @meena
It is indeed! And in principle it lets us keep type information after compilation, and let us store run-time type information in the capability extensions of the registers, which is definitely one of the things I have in mind.

We decided to go with Rust (and in the new project also Dart and Go), but that is not because of my conviction, it was a purely pragmatic decision.


My first impression on reading the name "Guile Steel" was "Is this a pun on Guy Steel!?", great choice of name xD.

@redstarfish @cwebber Do free languages (and packages?) have theme songs? Guile Steel needs a theme song from Steely Dan: the name that started for something that should not be used the rust on it.

@cwebber roughly, this is a thing I am working towards, but because of $things, I am bootstrapping it from the ground up… taking forever because I have little time. PreScheme (obviously), Terra ( and nelua ( are my big inspirations. I’m looking more for something like nelua where the high level lang can load the special purposed, and compiled modules, but I image full AOT compilation to as close to idiomatic C will also happen at some point.

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