I feel pretty good by how much good feedback I've gotten on A Scheme Primer spritely.institute/static/pape

I feel like this is one of the best things I've done, that it's served a really important need?

@cwebber Does the Primer's licensing mean that I can clone it and make a "dull and commonplace" version that works immediately in DrRacket? It wouldn't be illegal (or even obnoxious) to re-write a version for non-Native English speakers that may have only used FoolPhones and only rarely, if ever, keyboards?


@bsmall2 You can do all those things! Just attribute appropriately and include the same license header! Heck if you translate it, maybe checking a translation into the same repo is a good idea :)

@cwebber I probably can't translate it, but I might be able to put into a Basic English and add some steps and screenshots for the beginners I have in mind. If I get far enough along not to be embarrassed about directly approaching you with it, then you'll be able to decide if it's appropriate for the same repo. I only know enough git for personal backups right now though so there are a lot of ifs... I'll be sure to attribute!

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