I bought a very silly coffee table book.

The beginning was very interesting, but I will admit that I got bored in the middle and jumped to the end.

I'd complain that the bulk of the book was repetitive but that's only true in terms of structure. The content was very varied.

@jalefkowit however the spoiler warning is representationally transparent in a questionable way, or maybe two questionable ways

Come on, donʼt let us hang, WHATʼS THE ONE RANDOM DIGIT??!?

My phoneʼs screen has a crack right where the number is so i couldnʼt see it without zooming and panning a bit. Sorry for the noise ☺

@cwebber gotta congratulate the writer, bc no matter how much you read, it's very hard to predict what's gonna be next

@devurandom One might question whether its a good purchase if you care about the replay value

@devurandom However it's the one digit in the book the author manually produced, so you could say it's nothing of substance!

@cwebber is there a store or Amazon page for this?

@cwebber did you buy two copies, the other to send to a friend for a shared 1 time pad ?

@kat @cwebber First thing I thought of. You beat me to it! 😄

@leadore @kat The book explicitly advises against using it for cryptographic key material ;)

@cwebber while reading did you get the sense that you never knew what was coming next?

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