I definitely never expected that our time spend standardizing ActivityPub would be the subject of academic research, but I've been interviewed for several dissertations/theses about it.

Let's make a thread! Who's done, or is doing, academic research about the fediverse?

@CobaltVelvet I've only read one I think and that was Amy Guy's, who was actually in the SocialWG :)

Maybe I should change that...

@CobaltVelvet well, of a talk, but I understand it's for the sake of a book

@cwebber Obviously, some people have published already.

Somebody got even grant money in Germany for working on Gitea.

@cwebber I am, yes. I've been writing about alternative social media for a long time. I think I *may* have spoken to you about MediaGoblin back in the day, or maybe Tallon.

What I'm interested in is the fediverse as a sociotechnical system -- the code + social practices -- and how these differ from both the corporate model and (if this is the case) the alt-right model.

@cwebber And I'm glad you set this thread up because I know others are doing grad work here, such as @rra and @Antonio.

@robertwgehl @cwebber @Antonio

Yes! I'm also doing work on this! Thanks for the ping Robert.

I'm doing participatory design research, working with groups in the cultural field who want to establish autonomous social platforms. We design and build these together! Mostly focused on using / adapting existing fediverse applications. Interested in the potential to make things specific to the needs of groups, understanding issues of safety and content moderation in federated environments. Furthermore interested in the historical / genealogical view of federated social media, and online federation as a general approach to building alternatives. Not so much directly on the AP spec.

@cwebber mastodon itself doesn't even follow the outbox inbox rule. It doesn't want to display anything from other instances, used paginated list for feed without documenting in the standard etc...

I am writing my dissertation alternative social networks, enclosures by digital capitalism, ideology and power through infrastructures and commoning through communities of care. It's gonna be in german tho...

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