Goodbye Miranda Rights

you know it took a bit longer than I expected for the Trump-appointed supreme court to settle into full-on-terrifying-mode but good to know that WHY AM I WRITING THIS IN THIS PATTERN OF SPEECH IT'S NOT GOOD TO KNOW OR GOOD FOR ANYONE

HT @RadioAngel for posting and @rysiek for boosting this TERRIFYING news into my timeline

@cwebber It's almost like they're warming up... You know, stretching a bit before ramping up to the even bigger decisions.

@cstanhope @cwebber people not paying attention will be really surprised at how sudden fascism rises and how fast it spreads

@cwebber We are living in dystopian times - and I really don't like it.

@cwebber this is not an entirely accurate article from what I read elsewhere.

«The justice couldn’t be much clearer: He and his conservative colleagues think Miranda and Dickerson are wrong but aren’t yet willing to spend the political capital necessary to overrule them.»

«By leaving Miranda on the books (for now), Vega still requires courts to suppress un-Mirandized statements during trial. As Kagan noted, though, sometimes “such a statement will not be suppressed. And sometimes, as a result, a defendant will be wrongly convicted and spend years in prison.” Eventually, the defendant may get his conviction reversed. But thanks to Thursday’s decision, he will have no remedy “for all the harm he has suffered.”»

@joeyh Okay, that's a much better article. But it does undermine a whole lot of it. It's very, very bad.

@cwebber So now the supreme court overturned Roe v. Wade…

And also there seem to be considerations to overturn some more decisions concerning contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage:…
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