"We are a WARRIOR race!!!"
"You've got like, a lot of ships and culture and civilization though. Who builds all that?"
"Our scientists, civil engineers, etc."
"Oh do you honor your scientists too?"
"No we despise them!"
"Wow, you must actually be a science and civil engineering race at heart then because our nerd career members seem to have trouble staying motivated in the best of times"

/me nerdsnipes @bgcarlisle from across the room

I'm not making fun of bad scifi tropes and this is DEFINITELY not trekposting at all, no way

@cwebber A good warrior race HAS to love and care for its scientists and engineers.

If they don't, they're bound to lose every single war against those who do.

You want a rocket that levels cities? Well, rockets are built by rocket scientists. It's literally rocket science.

@cwebber Also something-something, the IRL computers and the internets and the software we know and love and use today everyday and also space exploration programmes and nuclear energy programmes were mainly built in the first place because, y'know, somebody needed Da Bomb.

Turns out, if you want to be good at war, you also need to be good at peace. Si vis pacem, para bellum works in reverse just as well. Who knew!

@drq @cwebber if your scientists are building rockets that level cities, they're also warriors

@cwebber @bgcarlisle A few eps of ENT touch on this a tiny bit. Not in a way that really makes sense out of things but hey, lamps gotta have shades

@cwebber yeah, but I look at the salaries of sports stars and the wealth of finance people compared to people working at post doc jobs and it all makes sense

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