Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

@tomxcd @twylo good lord, >50% prior to '04. I feel like half of fedi wasn't even BORN before 2000 🤣

I think I'm the lone vote for 04-08. My first distro was Ubuntu Hardy Heron (6.06)


@ehashman @tomxcd @twylo

> I feel like half of fedi wasn't even BORN before 2000 🤣

pretty weird to kinda regularly feel like I'm too old for the fediverse

@cwebber @ehashman @tomxcd @twylo really? I was under the impression us, the "old folks", were the majority on the #fediverse

@brunomiguel @ehashman @tomxcd @twylo FOSS fedi is more middle age, queer fedi tends younger. obviously there's a lot of overlap between those two though.

@cwebber @ehashman @tomxcd @twylo you mean you stopped counting after turning 30? :P I did. I believe I'm now on my 8th 30th birthday xD

@brunomiguel @cwebber @ehashman @tomxcd @twylo I lost all my memories for a long period just before when I turned 30, does that mean I got to start over from 0? 🤔

@cwebber @maloki @ehashman @tomxcd @twylo can't say the same. At 28, I started to get IBS pain and it took me 8 years to be able to control it. At 35, fibromyalgia. While it has been very good on a few ends, my health has had the worst period so far

@cwebber @maloki @ehashman @tomxcd @twylo but the worst part is being broke. I'm on sick leave, but it's meager to say the last (€242,20). This took a gigantic toll on my self-esteem

@cwebber @maloki @ehashman @tomxcd @twylo it is. Thank Satan she is working or we'd be screwed. Even so, there's always at least a week every month when I have to take some meds only every other day, because it's less worse to do it than to go a full week without them. But I guess these things make us rough or some shit like that 🤷

@cwebber @maloki @ehashman @tomxcd @twylo even though my 30's have been bad at some levels, I'm happy yours have been awesome!

@cwebber @maloki @ehashman @tomxcd @twylo I drank my first beer at 12. Nice memory. At 15, I could drink an entire bottle of whiskey alone, so it might've went downhill

@brunomiguel @cwebber @tomxcd @twylo there's a lot of different corners and communities: zoomers, Tumblr exodus folks, furries, sex workers, or (god forbid) techies and FOSS nerds :blobcatupsidedown:

@cwebber we used to grow up with ICQ, AIM or even IRC. Now it is snapchat, slack and discord.

I am old.

@gbraad >Now it is snapchat, slack and discord.
Sure the lusers are foolishly using proprietary software, but that doesn't mean you should fall for the same tricks.
irc is still, and will forever be king.


I use it less than before, and mostly with Matrix/riot.

But I see a lot of open source communities moving to a Discord (with a IRC bridge)

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