I've been working a lot and without much in the way of breaks for way too long. But it's towards some good goals.

But long baths have been one of my coping mechanisms and a place for me to unwind, recharge, and even read and plan new ideas.

Allowing myself that luxury.

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@cwebber Just thinking about the concept of reading in a bath is giving me enough anxiety to cancel the calming image of a bath.

@csepp I read CS papers I print out while reading in the bath; if water splashes on them it's not too serious of an accident because they're usually short

@cwebber Oh, okay. I was picturing the classic "reading a romantic novel in a bath with rose petals" thing.

Although... rose petals could help reading comprehension for CS papers. There is no proof that says they don't.

@csepp @cwebber i should try rose petals in my bathtub.

but i guess first i have to get rid of all the extra potties my daughter no longer uses

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