Okay thanks @fraggle, now I can't thinking about Flettner airplanes, my life is ruined

planes were not meant to fly by spinning a bunch of paper towel holders, you have taken us for absolute fools

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@cwebber @fraggle this feels like someone found a bug in the universe's physics engine

@fraggle @cwebber I don't understand how the vertical ones don't make it turn to the side

Is it just because the wheels are fixed in that video, and the ships constantly counter-steer?

@fraggle @k @cwebber haven't looked closely at these models, as I'm currently out and about, but it reminded me of this Veritasium video of a sort of dune buggy that seems to keep speeding up at constant wind speeds (if my memory serves me well):

@cwebber @k The one with the spinning KFC buckets might be peak Flettner plane. Just straight up trolling at this stage. Though I was a bit disappointed that it had a conventional wing at the back instead of being entirely KFC-bucket based

@k @cwebber @fraggle
Issue closed by Bernoulli with label WON'T FIX

@cwebber @fraggle hit the power line with that, explain to the power company why you launch a flying paper towel roll at their tower

@lufthans @cwebber excuse me that paper towel roll was not launched, it flew into the power line entirely under its own power

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