Article by @pluralistic about the strangeness around befuddling "rapid flips" on issues with the left: flipping pro-CIA/FBI, pro-diebold-voting-machines, anti-free-speech... what's the reason? Defining ourselves *in opposition* to "the other sportsball team"

This is related to/accelerated by "context collapse" of contemporary social media design

This creates an environment where *everything* becomes a wedge issue defined in sportsball opposition to other team (with serious effects, eg rise of anti-vaxxers)!

@cwebber @pluralistic Disraeli had a line about how opposing a policy because someone else supports it makes us just as much their followers as if we automatically support their policy.

It is very possible to dislike both MAGA and James Comey, or to make allies for tactical reasons without imagining all our allies are also our friends. It's not always easy, but possible and necessary.

#LordBeaconsfield #politics

@cwebber @pluralistic Perhaps the most stunning example was "free speech" suddenly becoming not just problematized, but actually a snarl word among the left.

@cwebber @pluralistic I'm reading "Dawn of Everything" right now. I find the arguments for his overarching thesis pretty lacking, but it's a great collection of interesting facts and food for thought.

@cwebber @pluralistic The reason is the left gained power. When they weren't in power, power structures were dangerous to them. Now that they are in power, they are now useful.

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