A while ago I wrote a piece I am proud of, "Beyond the shouting match: what is a blockchain, really?" (Thanks to @meena for reminding me about it)

I think it had careful and relevant thinking, but it was long, and Jay Graber challenged me: could I summarize its points in a thread here? So let's go:

The discourse on "blockchains" is heated, but it often seems like people shouting past each other *because they are*. Since people mean different things, what's "essential" to one side isn't to the other.

This breaks down in architectural, cultural, and historical ways.

The loosest of these is people interpreting "blockchain" as "decentralized networks" in general.

This surprised me, because I work on decentralized networks which I don't consider to be blockchains. But for some people, this is their only decentralized network exposure!

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