Twitter's removal policy 

Twitter implemented a "Right to Be Forgotten" type system and it's being, of course, heavily weaponized by right wing trolls especially

For years I've had debates with fellow lefties where they were demanding this very system (including on the fediverse) and I would say "it's not going to work out the way you want..."

Design game rules that consider play when it isn't your turn at the table.

Become *architects of emergent topology*.

Twitter's removal policy 

@cwebber That last line, in all things, all of the time.

Twitter's removal policy 

@cwebber @Flarnie any chance the extremism researchers will move to Mastodon? Could keep them live and also be a good niche for Mastodon to grow.

Twitter's removal policy 

@graue @cwebber I think some of them are already migrating to alterrnatives to Twitter. Ideally yes, this will drive folks to consider/try more options, including mastodon. :)

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