OMG, I finally get to announce that we get to hire @tsyesika to work on @spritelyproject with me full time thanks to a generous grant from NLNet and @NGIZero!

Nobody is more excited than I am! Jessica is one of the most talented programmers I've ever had the pleasure to work with and ActivityPub wouldn't have happened without her hard work. So excited to get to work together every day again!

@cwebber @tsyesika @spritelyproject @NGIZero very nice. The more brains the better especially when their talented. CapTP and object capabilities seem like the future we should choose. Ever since the activity pub conference I want to dive deep into the spritely project. Do you have a hello world documentation or beginner issues I can have a look at this week? If not I could maybe help documenting a bit :)


@Sw0rdDooM @tsyesika @spritelyproject @NGIZero The best place to get started would be to watch the two videos on the top of the Spritely website, then read the Goblins docs. Please also join on and introduce yourself! And yes, we could use help on docs :)

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