Bringing back TZAG and TZAF, I don't see them enough anymore but they were popular in the old fediverse days!

TZAG! (Time Zone Appropriate Greeting)
TZAF! (Time Zone Appropriate Farewell)

@cwebber I had never heard of this before and it makes the greeting Chris on Jupiter Broadcasting gives the mumble room, "time appropriate greetings mumble room", make SO much more sense to me.

@cwebber we use them in my teams at work! :) Not universally and not consistently, but sometimes!

Lower Saxon provides "Moin!" and "Tjuis!" and that everytime appropriate...

@cwebber i still use them! I use them during conference meetings, too (global remote coworkers}

Thank you for this. Even in the old days I had no idea what this meant! Haha

I use TZAG quite often, but I rarely post publicly :-) There was also TZIG :-D

This and the UGT timezone (universal greeting time), eg. "Good morning (UGT)!"

@cwebber i simply say hi and bye, the time neutral equivalents

@cwebber Neat! I haven't heard of these before.
Although as far as goodbyes go, I still prefer the Vlogbrothers-created DFTBA (Don't forget to be awesome!)

@cwebber I prefer TZALT (Time Zone Appropriate Leave Takings)

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