"In the near future, phone numbers will be a think of the past"
"Really? Ok phew"
"Sorry it's the near future now, every website you log into wants a phone number if you want to keep using their service"

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@cwebber It's the directory problem.

Actually one of the harder bits of coming up with a replacement global comms platform.

If you untangle what a phone number is deeply enough what you find is the relics of geographically-localised physical infrastructure. Because where you are is a huge determinant of who you are, and/or vice versa.

@dredmorbius @cwebber nah, it's purely a sybil issue—it's hard for people to get phone numbers en masse and it's easier to block them if they do, vs the much wider set of options for purchasing IP addresses.

@nightpool The sybil issue is a a subset of the directory problem.

That said, there are other ways to convey reputation, which is the main issue of sibil as I understand it.


@cwebber We could have used the 9 digit SSN instead of a 10 digit phone number, but NOOOOOOO, folks thought that was a bridge too far.

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