Making a little lisp that can transpile into a cleaner subset of javascript known as "Jessie"

The project is called "Team Rockit" and the lisp is called "James"; James transpiles into Jessie

What if James and Jessie were the same person the whole time you don't know


The lisp is this weird hybrid between Scheme and Clojure and Javascript because I am terrible

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@cwebber sounds potentially frightening.

what happens if you eval (cons 'a 'b) ?

@emacsomancer that said, it will be possible to transpile scheme to james to jessie, in which case you wlil be able to get cons back

james is meant to be a more "close to javascript" representation, so the code it spits out looks mostly like hand-written js

@emacsomancer as such it can be an ok intermediate pass for something that wasnts to convert a more sensible lisp to javascript

@cwebber Being able to transpile from scheme sounds very useful.

Though my guess would be that the transpile from scheme to james is more complicated than the james to jessie transpiling?

@emacsomancer yes... in particular, CPS will be required if supporting multiple value return

@emacsomancer or rather CPS generation

But see wip-ijp-js convo on guix-devel.... I mentored a student a few years ago who wrote code that did just this (well, except it wrote to js directly)

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