Zooko, famously of Zooko's Triangle says "This is a great upgrade to the original Pet Names paper!! Everyone who works on decentralized systems and/or social networks should read this! ❤️"

Can't get better praise than someone famous for analyzing naming properties talking about your paper about naming things!

@cwebber How does this differ from GNU dns? It looks very similar on the outside …

@ArneBab GNU DNS in theory is implementing petnames but I seem to remember thinking they got a few things wrong and awkward when I reviewed it

@cwebber Is this a lowered copy of it, by the way? I see footnotes, but they're not referenced from anywhere in the text that I can see…

@cwebber I saw that! I still couldn't find where the footnotes were meant to be linked from though; they're all just <div class="footdef">…</div> and I didn't see any fn stuff earlier in the Markdown

@dasyatidprime Oh yeah, this was originally an org-mode file, but nobody else understood org-mode that I was working with, so I exported it to markdown, heh

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